The purest Agarwood Oud from Bangladesh

All of our Oud stems from handpicked Agarwood trees in the Shujanogor, Barlekha district deep in Bangladesh's forests. With an unparalleled purity level, you can rest assured this is the highest quality Oud you will have ever experienced.

  • About Us

    We are a family business with roots in Bangladesh. We have decades of distillery and oud-making experience, and are now branching out into the UK market.

  • Chips or Liquid?

    We recommend the Agarwood chips if you are not desirous of a particularly strong starting scent that comes from the pure pressed liquid. A sample pack will provide you with both.

  • How do I just try it?

    Feel free to purchase a taster sample before committing. Our taster packs include a sample bottle of our liquid along with a pure Agarwood chip for burning.